Young Storytellers Mentorship Project

A Tapestry of Tales:
2017 Graduation Showcase

The inaugural Young Storytellers Mentorship Project by The Storytelling Centre Limited presents eight youths sharing their passion and talents for storytelling.

For the first time, a special platform features emerging young storytellers to highlight the importance of nurturing future artists to ensure sustainability of the art of storytelling. Come listen to A Tapestry of Tales and support our young talents on their artistic journey:

Aswani Aswath
Farah Nurhazlinda Husni
Gauraangi Chopra
Jason Yee Tsai Sern
Jurveen Kaur Randhawa
Lim Wen Shi Phoebe
Suchithra Raman
Suharti Suhaimi

In support of Youth Arts Participation