Terrific Tales

Animal Fables

A feast of fables from the forest and the farmyard to delight little ones! 

Have you heard of Chicken Licken who thought the sky was falling down? And who will help the Little Red Hen to plant the seed? Who will win the race between the Rabbit and the Tortoise? What happened to the naughty Boy Who Cried Wolf? Did the Lion become friends with the Mouse? How did the Fox trick the proud Crow?

Storytelling followed by a simple craft activity
Suitable for ages 3-7 years

Join us weekends in November at The Artground at Goodman Arts Centre
Sat 11 Nov - 2:30pm & Sun 12 Nov - 11:30am
Sat 18 Nov - 3:30pm & Sun 19 Nov - 11:30am
Sat 25 Nov - 2:30pm & Sun 26 Nov - 11:30am