Terrific Tales

Goblin Tales

Have you heard of the mischievous goblins? They love to play tricks on people and they say that goblins are invisible! There was once a fisherman who accidentally released a goblin from a sealed pot. And another time when an old man's house had a goblin who imitated everything he said! But what happens when their tricks get too much for the people? Join our Young Storytellers and be delighted by the mischief of naughty goblins.

An introduction to Korean goblin folktales ideal for young audiences.

Be part of our interactive storytelling sessions!

We have a simple craft activity so you can take home your very own story character.

Suitable for little listeners ages 3 – 7 years old.

Dates & Timings:
Sunday October 7 - 11:30am

Sunday October  14 - 11:30am

$10 per parent-and-child pair for programmes in The White Box at The Artground. Payment on-site.